Our Bakery


Our hand made pies come in a variety of delicious fruits and custards all baked fresh daily! 

Email us to pre-order pies!

Very Berry


Apple Crisp

Apple Walnut


Peach Blueberry

Strawberry Rhubarb

Mike's Key Lime

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Our baked fresh daily cookies are made with wholesome ingredients just like grandma made!

Kitchen Sink

Oatmeal Rasin

Triple Chocolate Chunk

Candy Coated Chocolate



Fruit Filled Shortbread

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Pastry & Donuts

Our pastries and donuts are all hand made from scratch! Please note some items are seasonal.


Apple cider



Butternut Squash


Varies daily

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Cupboard Essentials

In The Icebox

Fresh organic or local farm eggs, chocolate, strawberry, coffee and plain milk, variety of cheese, and variety of yogurt flavors. Clean, fresh, whole food!

Local Honey

Local honey is a natural remedy for allergies and it tastes delicious!

Love your bees they are helpers!

Artisanal Preserves

Hand crafted with our own Defrancesco Farm produce! Pepper jellies and fruit jams that pair perfectly with charcuterie, Canned peaches, pickled vegetables and much more! 

Order By Phone- (203)-484-2028

Please give us 24 hours for pre-orders. We can take credit card over the phone.