Our hopyard and pelleterizing

In it's 4th year our hop program focuses on growing, harvesting, drying, and pelletizing hops. High quality products has been key in all aspects of our farm and one we make sure to bring to the hop industry.

We focus on old fashion grandfather varieties that have been historically grown on the east coast, and some  varieties lineage can be traced back to New England in colonial times. 

These varieties include:




Mt. Hood

Northern Brewer

Nugget, Sterling


and more to come! 

Our Climate Controlled Pelletering facility- Our facility includes in a climate controlled clean room for pelletizing our own hops and contracts. For wholesale contracts we offer bag sizes of 1,5 and  11 lbs options. Home brew sized bags are available at the farm stand!

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To contact us about processing hops or purchasing home brew bags at the farm stand please contact the hops department at:

Phone: 203-641-0498

Email: DeFrancescohops@gmail.com

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