What We Offer

Daily Vegetables and Fruits

Picked fresh daily. Non-GMO seeds, ripened to perfection and grown the old fashion way on our small local farm located next door to the stand!

Canning Quantities

Beginners and seasoned canners will delight in our farm fresh picked vegetables.  Reservations required. 

Summer: Squash & Peas

Early Fall: Tomatoes, Eggplant, Peppers & Green Beans

Planting Service

Creative and educated planting services.  We can use your containers or provide them. 

In Season Now!

Fall Squash

Acorn, butternut and fancy squashes! 


Decorate your table with our rainbow of different colored Sunflowers! Fresh cut every day!


Sweet, Russet, and red! 


Variety of dessert apples for pies and baking or just take a bite!


Jalepenos ready for pickling!

Great for stuffing with rice as an Italian treat or making sausage and peppers! Spice up your dinners and serve your family healthy local peppers!


Red, white, vidalla! Make the perfect fall onion soup!

All you home picklers out there! We have amazing pickling cucumbers that will be sure to help you make pickles that will impress your family all year long!

Our Mission


We take pride in our wide selection of quality produce and plants. Seasonal availablity doesn't mean a compromise in options - visit the farm today!  

If you have any questions regarding our products or would like more information, please stop in or contact us.