We can help you grow anything - even a green thumb

Soils, mulches and fertilizers available

Quoddy Lobster Compost


Unique organic formulation is great for vegetable, herb & annual gardens

  • Assists in plant vigor & disease resistance
  • Rich in calcium & chitin
  • Ideal for conditioning all garden beds

Bar Harbor Premium Potting Soil


For all indoor & outdoor container gardens

  • New lightweight formulation retains moisture
  • Nutrient-rich potting soil grows healthy plants!
  • Organic blend of lobster & crab shells, perlite, kelp & composted manure

Schoodic Cow Manure Compost


Nutrient-rich compost for all garden beds

  • Revitalizes poor soils
  • Manure adds active biology to the soil
  • High in organic material for healthy soil

Stonington Platinum Grower's Mix


For high performance container plants

  • Contains mycorrhizae, kelp, alfalfa, fish bone meal, worm castings, perlite, manure, peat, coir, lobster compost
  • Organic formulcation grows healthy plants

Wiscasset Earthworm Castings


Enriches poor soil & improves plant growth

  • Top-dress houseplants for a quick boost
  • Make into a tea for a great foliar spray
  • Loaded with nutrients, minerals & beneficial biology

Stonington Plant Food


Organic plant food

  • 5-2-4 and 4% calcium for plant vigor
  • Pelletized, easy to apply on flower beds, herb & vegetable gardens & potted plants
  • Organic blend of lobster, kelp, fish meal, crab, and earthworm castings
  • Promotes healthy green growth, budding flowering and fruiting